Monday, September 6, 2010

MODIFIKASI Ferrari 612 Scaglietti | Bikin Mobil Empat Pintu

MODIFIKASI Ferrari 612 Scaglietti | Bikin Mobil Empat Pintu
Italian exotic car manufacturer, Ferrari, previously said he would not want to make four-door car. But all that seems to now changed.

Especially when looking at one segment of the automotive market with the largest increases in recent years is the four-door coupe sedan.

Mercedes CLS example of one of the pioneers segmented four-door sedan coupe, a commercially successful, so the segment became a popular four-door coupe daily.

German manufacturers will introduce the second generation of the CLS, while BMW will bring Gran Coupe 6 Series segment midst of this growing market.

And to this day, we can see the Porsche is also doing the same thing on the Panamera, and even the British premium car manufacturer Aston Martin Rapide.

Likewise with other exotic carmakers which will present four-door coupe sedan models, namely, the Lamborghini, the Estoque concept has been introduced and said he had given the green light for production.

Thus, as reported by Autoevolution, Monday (06/09/2010) The Prancing Horse is also reportedly preparing a model four-door coupe, although it must take what he said himself if you do not want to create a four-door car.

Ferrari four-door coupe will be based from the platform of the Ferrari 612 Scaglietti replacement models that are scheduled to present on the market by 2012.

This last model is also expected to be the first model from Ferrari who are already using dual or hybrid engine technology, certainly in the form of four-door sedan.

In terms of profit, four-door sedan model is indeed a vehicle that seems to make sense, because it will allow Ferrari to sell far more than it is now, also brought Ferrari into a new segment.

However, the Italian manufacturer of this equipment must be very careful in the spirit of compromise with the Ferrari brand over the years, because the founder Enzo continue to watch!