Tuesday, September 21, 2010

New X9 BMW Cars Concep


Adolescent Tunisian Oussama Khalfi designers create the most bizarre BMW since the Bangles. BMW has seen some cars seem a bit odd roll of the production line during the last 10 years, but the new X9 Khalfi Oussama’s coupe off-roaders take Beemers eccentric concept to a new level.

Designer of 18 years do not offer information about the concepts that could become a proposal for a new Batmobile, but because he comes from a desert landscape in Tunisia in north Africa, it’s fair to say that this is the equivalent of modern day dune buggy.

The X9 bodylines concept combines a sporty coupe with rolling stock from off-roader – such as chunky yet sporty looking BMW X6 soft-roader.

The 18-year old designer from Tunisia did not attach any information about the X9 Concept, but feel free to check out the rest of the pictures and have you say in the comments section after the jump.

If the Dark Knight ever wanted to ditch the Tumbler for something a bit more snazzy, Khalfi Oussama’s BMW-badged X9 Concept would be a prime candidate for the job – preferably in a matter black finish.