Saturday, September 18, 2010

SPESIFIKASI Mobil Jaguar | Kembangkan Mesin Hybrid yang Canggih

SPESIFIKASI Mobil Jaguar | Kembangkan Mesin Hybrid yang Canggih

Jaguars reportedly are testing a promising hybrid engine power and increase strength by 80 bhp to 20 percent increase in fuel economy.

The machine was placed at the rear of the XF prototype being tested. And being evaluated as alternatives for hybrid batteries that can store energy during braking done.

The project was called by the name of flywheel Hybrid System for Premium Vehicle (FHSPV) and funded approximately Rp30 billion by the government's Technology Strategy Board.

"FHSPV is really a due diligence exercise facilities. We need to see the mechanical flywheel and compared with electric hybrid. Then see if the technology has the future in order to produce," Project Head FHSPV said Daniel Loftus is quoted from Autocar, on Saturday (18 / 9 / 2010)

Composite flywheel is driven through a gearbox / Torotrak Xtrac CVT and rotates up to 60 000 rpm to keep the peak power of 60kW, the equivalent of 80bhp.

Then there is a computer that will control the power flow from and to the flywheel, which can rotate and give encouragement in every part of the driving cycle, including performance when moving. Although there is only enough energy to provide peak power of 80 hp for about seven seconds.

Jaguar is also currently testing the stop-start fashion in the city, which means gathering flywheel energy during braking and then provide power at start-ups to conserve fuel.

Combined with stop-start system, Jaguar has recorded significant fuel savings of about 20 percent.

However, future production is still unclear, mainly due to the falling cost of hybrid batteries and electric energy savings have not become the industry standard.