Monday, September 6, 2010

MODIFIKASI Mobil Avion | Mobil Sport Satu Liter BBM Tempuh 100 KM

MODIFIKASI Mobil Avion | Mobil Sport Satu Liter BBM Tempuh 100 KM

How does the car frugal ever recorded by using machine conventional Well, maybe an American businessman to donate these records frugal car.

In her spare time, he made himself busy with building a sports car called Avion. Homemade lightweight sports car powered diesel engine with a capacity of 800 cc.

He also led the design Avion garnish sports with red paint was the streets of Canada and ending in Mexico with a total distance traveled as far as 2253 km.

Remarkably, the distance he traveled thousands of miles with a record average of 1.97 liters of fuel consumption car for a distance of 100 km.

People who build and drive a car, Craig Henderson, had defeated two previous records, which were recorded with the same car, several times, since 1986.

What makes the difference with today is the use of new technology in the Avion, including the use Fuel Max tires Goodyear Assurance increasingly making fuel-efficient.

This fuel consumption figures beat Henderson's record with the same car some time ago.

"When tested for the first time Avion has reached 48 km per liter, with an average speed of 80-100 km / h, the traffic conditions of everyday life," Henderson said after completing his trip, as reported by Autoevolution, Monday (6 / 9 / 2010).