Thursday, September 2, 2010

SPESIFIKASI Mercy A-Class Listrik | Menggunakan Tenaga Baterai Tesla Motor

SPESIFIKASI Mercy A-Class Listrik | Menggunakan Tenaga Baterai Tesla Motor

German premium car manufacturer, Mercedes-Benz electric cars ready to produce A-Class E-Cell, which will use battery power development results by Tesla Motors.

A total of 500 batteries will be produced, and his plans, Mercedes-Benz A-Class will feature E-Cell is the first time when the mat Paris Auto Show next October.

A spokesman for Daimler, Shirin Emeera, said electric A-Class will be produced in a factory Mercedes Rastatt, Germany Stuttgart. While the details will be revealed 15 September next.

A-Class E-Cell, the advanced Emeera, will have the mileage as far as 200 km and is capable of producing torque of 214 pound-feet. He declined to give further details.

However, Tesla's chief technical officer, JB Straubel, said electric A-Class will be armed with an electric motor-powered 40-kilowatt-hour by 4000 individual cells.

Strauble also said that the matter of performance, Mercedes-benz A-Class E-Cell is not going to be different, if not even slightly faster than the A-Class gas fuel versions.

peg Tesla battery on A-Class E-Cell will also provide benefits in terms of handling, because it would have a low center of gravity of the A-Class, so stable in the face of the bend.

However, the market segment for this electric A-Class still has not been determined. But, again Strauble revealed an A-Class E-Cell will be marketed in the U.S..

While Emeera says Daimler will not sell the A-Class E-Cell is in the showroom, but will sell directly to consumers or companies interested in the electric car from Daimler.

"We have customers who love the electric Smart, and also for customers who have kids and need a car seat back as the A-Class," he said, as reported by the New York Times, Thursday (09/02/2010).