Monday, January 17, 2011

Details and Specifications Joss supercar JP1

Australia-based supercar maker Joss Developments Limited has just revealed a few details and specifications of their JP1 Joss supercar. The JP1 is a two-seater supercar with a sub frame ultra-light composite honeycomb decorated with carbon fiber body and weighs only 940 kg.
Hiding Joss JP1 mid mount aluminum V8 engine capable of producing 500 HP and that is connected to a six-speed manual transmission. Because of supercar really lightweight, with a powerful engine has the absolute power to weight ratio that makes this car as fast as a rocket!
This car can reach 100 km / h from stopped just in 3.0 seconds, can do a quarter mile under 11 seconds and can reach amazing top speed 340 km / h (211 mph). Every part of this supercar to play a major role in achieving this performance and only carbon fiber body, for example, to produce 200 kg of downforce at 241 km / h
Joss has not announced when they will release a JP1 Joss supercar on the market but we know when it will be priced around $ 500,000 AUD ie around $ $ 455,000.
Joss JP1 supercar details
Joss JP1 supercar

New  2010 Joss JP1 supercar details
New Car  2010 Joss JP1 supercar