Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Minerva Sachs Megelli 250R

Minerva Sachs Megelli 250R
Minerva Megelli 250 products are arguably quite successful, could be accepted by the market who want a homeland motor sport with a modern design, and engine capacity of 250 cc.

As a refinement of the motor Megelli 250, which in the year ago Megelli presence could make a scene (perhaps until now), now the PT MMI re-presenting the latest variant Megelli 250 motorcycles a more powerful and responsive, Megelli 250RE and Megelli 250RV.

Latest from Megelli 250R engine can produce up to 27 ps at 8500 rpm and maximum torque of 22 Nm / 7000 rpm. Surely this will give a different sensation in the acceleration and performance of Motor Megelli.

Minerva Sachs Megelli 250R Rear Pic
Minerva Sachs Megelli 250R Front PicMotor "Minerva Sachs Megelli 250R" is a variant of the motor in the 250 CC class that has various advantages such as: Europe UNITED KINGDOM Megelli design, equipped with Euro III emission standards so that the motor is certainly friendly to the environment

Minerva Sachs Megelli 250R "has the advantage of technical data, namely:
  • Standard Design Sachs Germany
  • Racing engine performance
  • The real sport model
  • allumunium frames
  • Inner balancer shaft engine (vibration reduction)
  • Dual Speedometer (manual and digital)
  • Innovative design fuel tank
  • Monoshock
  • Head Light Projection (provide lighting that is more focused and stronger)
  • Under Tail Muffler (exhaust under the seat)
  • tubeless Tyres