Monday, January 10, 2011

Stratos GT2 Racing Car Modification Preview

Starting new car price list from £3,250, Stratos GT2 Racing available to buy online on Stratos official website. Super car Stratos GT2 Racing design presently being developed with Italian car Maker Company named Danisi. The exotic race car has been previewed with a detailed scale model specification produced by Amalgam. The Stratos GT2 Racing car version official firs pictures gallery is the photos of a detailed 1-8th scale model produced through model maker Amalgam. The Stratos GT2 tuning car model, based through the iconic “Light Blue” color exterior body kit, displays the main differences by the “conventional” model, including the rear wing, the new air outlets, positioned above the front fenders and at the rear, and a new “grilled” rear window, inspired by one of the trademark styling elements of the original Stratos GT2. Further vehicle racing purposed details are the clam shell fasteners, a quick release fuel filler cap and a reduced ride height.