Monday, January 17, 2011

Lamborghini Car Will Reduce Weight With Lightweight Materials

Supercar Development focused on light material on the Lamborghini upgrade this step is very fast with more power under the hood but from now on Italian supercar maker has decided to change their focus from more power to weight less at the same power with more fuel consumption and emissions.
They decided around 700 HP is enough and they will make their new car more quickly by reducing the weight of the car with lightweight materials. This step will encourage the acceleration towards a faster and will involve the use of composite materials in the right place.
Aluminum will probably be used as a substitute for heavy steel and with improved aerodynamics and start / stop technology next Lambos may actually fuel efficient and have low carbon emissions. Lamborghini also can make cars with hybrid powertrain management but who are more likely to come at the tail end of the decade.
Car New 2011 Lamborghini
Car 2010 Lamborghini
Car New 2010 Lamborghini
Car New Lamborghini
New 2010 Lamborghini
New Car Lamborghini