Sunday, January 23, 2011

Gambar Suzuki Shogun Axelo 125

Suzuki Shogun Axelo 125 Suzuki Shogun Axelo latest motor output PT Indomobil Suzuki Sales (SIS) was introduced at the event Media Gathering Surabaya on Wednesday (5/1/2011). Suzuki Shogun Axelo with new display is expected to strengthen the Suzuki in the Indonesian automotive market arena that will rival the existence of Jupiter Z Yamaha and Honda Supra 125.

Lights front with more sporty appearance, as well as the fairing design (shield) and body-shaped side-sharp lines. Views over the fresh is also supported by the rear lights and exhaust Suzuki Shogun Axelo.

Suzuki Axelo 125cc engine with CDI caburator still with the old model. But Suzuki Shogun Axelo was added a useful balancer engine technology to reduce engine vibration. Latest Suzuki Motor is claimed to be more aggressive but with a ratio of fuel efficient 46 km to a liter of gasoline.

Suzuki Axelo which is the successor of the Shogun is produced in three variants with a target market of 130,000 units in 2011 this.

Suzuki Shogun Axelo 125 Front PicGambar Suzuki Shogun Axelo 125

Suzuki Shogun Axelo 125 Rear Pic