Sunday, January 2, 2011

Trendy Modification Motor

Trendy Modification Motor
By custom, creations Herry Matic on Jl. Ciputat Raya, No. 15, South Jakarta, was adopted almost perfect flow of low rider. Especially in the sector and the legs are glued components. Darling had failed to get perfect score because the condition of the body that still maintained the standard "That I will admit that because chasing contezt, so baseball could change the body. Got my mind must be enlarged or wide body," said Herry Hartanto, modifier and owner of this skubek 2007.

Trendy Modification MotorThis makes the harmonization to be less satisfied. Just be advised that large feet and very long stretch Mio loaded onto a small body. Celebration, yes less so right, Bro!Yet for the last legs, Herry've done a pretty ciamik alteration. Combination of 5-inch wide rim on the front and 8 inches in the rear. rear axle was made down to 40 cm. "It is deliberately made long retreat to reinforce the impression that low rider," said the man was 21 years.

Trendy Modification MotorFor wheels, Herry also managed to make front and rear combination sepatbor appropriate. "The model works by myself, but little affected in the HD model," he continued.

Trendy Modification MotorAll had received as a finishing layer of chrome. Well, the more okay dong. Including the exhaust pipe which has also been constrained panjang.

"Shark-style model, all of them accidentally let memorable chromated blink-blink," continued this bachelor. A convenient excuse for low rider theme like this.

Once the election is also steering handlebar stem alias. Although the use of Ninja but after dicustom, its application seems appropriate at this flow.

While the body is only done themed airbrush flames. "Next time made an appropriate body with the legs," said Herry is ready and open for entries received better results.


Front rim: Custom 5x14 inches
Tire front: 140/60-14 Tire Deli
Rear rim: Custom 8x14 inches
Rear tire: 165/60-14 Hankook
Sok back: YSS
Handlebar: Kawasaki Ninja
Lighting: Custom
Exhaust: Custom
Herry Matic: (021) 96829778