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Upcoming Grand Bend events will determine Quick 32 Sportsman Series Champion

Teams in tight points battle going into Teamsters Union

"Thunder by the Beach" finale


GRAND BEND, ONTARIO (August 30, 2010) – Although the season is winding down in the popular Quick 32 Sportsman Series presented by NAPA Auto Parts, the championship will not be decided until the final events are completed.


With fields of 16 Top Dragsters racing together and 16 Top Sportsman cars racing together, the Quick 32 Sportsman Series has had large fields of competitors, and they will be on hand for the Teamsters Union "Thunder by the Beach" September 3-5 at the Grand Bend Motorplex in Grand Bend, Ontario.


The fifth event of August 6-8 was postponed due to rain, and only the first two rounds of eliminations took place. The qualified teams that are still in the program for this race will finish off their eliminations with a Top Dragster and Top Sportsman victor declared, as well as an overall event champion.


After this race is completed, the Quick 32 Sportsman Series teams will take to the track once more during the Grand Bend weekend for their sixth and final race of 2010.


While Top Dragster driver Scott Wildgust of Wartburg, Ontario, has a slim Championship Point Award Series lead at present, the points leaders could be shuffled around after the winner of the uncompleted race is in the books.


Along with Wildgust, Buddy Forrest of Rochester, NY, and Melanie Simmons of Orillia, Ontario are high enough in the points and are still in the uncompleted race to have the best chance of advancing in the Top Dragster class. 


On the Top Sportsman side, Kevin Wicke of Stratford, Ontario, Steve Parkhurst of Belleville, Ontario, and Darryl McMillen of Goderich, Ontario are good bets for advancing, and it is likely that one of these six drivers could win the event.


But nothing is cast in stone at present, and along with the above six teams, others in the Quick 32 Sportsman Series that have a mathematical chance of winning the 2010 Championship Point Award Series include the team of Bill Wilson and Rob Gray of Ingersoll, Ontario, Darrin Grubb of Pine River, Ontario, Steve Corriveau of Fonthill, Ontario, Michael Hinbest of Orangeville, Ontario, and Jamie Bridge of Napanee, Ontario.


When present points leader Wildgust qualifies for the final event the odds drop to the eight teams of Wildgust, Parkhurst, Wilson and Gray, Forrest, Wicke, Grubb, McMillen, and Hinbest.


Along with the finale in the Quick 32 Sportsman Series, the 2010 Pro Modified Racing Association champion will be decided during this Grand Bend event. At present Mike Stawicki of Medina, NY has a slim lead in the Championship Point Award Series presented by Magnum Auto Parts and Patio Passport.


The Teamsters Union "Thunder by the Beach" will feature the popular Pro Modified Racing Association (PMRA), www.PMRA.ca, and the Quick 32 Sportsman Series presented by NAPA Auto Parts, featuring Top Dragster and Top Sportsman action with quick six and seven-second cars.


The first qualifying session is scheduled for 1:30 p.m. Saturday and round one of eliminations for the 32-car field will take place Sunday, starting at 11:00 a.m.


For information about the Teamsters Union "Thunder by the Beach" at the Grand Bend Motorplex, call (519) 238-7223 or visit www.grandbendmotorplex.com


For more information contact Bruce F. Mehlenbacher at Bruce@Quick32.ca


About the Quick 32 Sportsman Series presented by NAPA Auto Parts:

The Quick 32 Sportsman Series presented by NAPA Auto Parts, www.Quick32.ca, of drag racing was started early in 2009 as an alternative for high-horsepower Sportsman-class teams to compete on a regular basis, and will continue in 2010 for its second full season.


In 2010 the Quick 32 Sportsman Series will compete at Toronto Motorsports Park in Cayuga, Ontario and the South-western Ontario track of the Grand Bend Motorplex.


With 32-car qualified fields comprised of the 16 quickest open wheeled cars (Top Dragster) and the 16 quickest door cars (Top Sportsman), the Quick 32 Sportsman Series featured the best in ET-style, dial-in drag racing, competing on a Sportsman ladder and pit door-slammers against dragsters in every race day final. 


Competitors in this exciting Series must comply with the IHRA Top Dragster and Top Sportsman Safety rules and regulations, and the maximum dial-in will be 7.95 seconds for the quarter-mile.


This new venture provided $3000 to win for each event and $5000 for the annual Championship Point Award Series Champion, payouts very popular with competitors and will provide large fields of race cars. 


The Quick 32 Sportsman Series is committed in providing a professional atmosphere for its teams. It will also provide solid media and logistic support to ensure it becomes one of the most popular drag race series running Top Sportsman and Top Dragster race cars.


The Quick 32 Sportsman Series presented by NAPA Auto Parts competes several times with the Pro Modified Racing Association (PMRA), www.PMRA.ca, as well as selected special events, offering fans a great show of drag racing.


Photo Credit: Mike Goodwin www.mgdigital.ca and Dave Erauw Photography


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